Some software I’ve written:

  • salmon, a library for asking the next “best” triplet query to crowdsourcing participants.
  • caption-contest-data, which aggregates human responses from The New Yorker’s Caption Contest. Human responses are collected with the voting interface.
  • adadamp, an implementation of a method that adapts batch size to model quality. This method improves the convergence of SGD.
  • swix, the Swift Matrix Library (archived).
  • jem-press, a static site generator inspired by jem-doc with Markdown and Mathjax.

I also wrote some code and documentation for Dask-ML’s hyper-parameter optimization:

Other software I’ve written without a dedicated documentation page:

  • drawnow, a small utility to easily create animations in Python. It’s a almost a drop-in replacement for the drawnow command in MATLAB.®
  • talks, slides for talks I’ve given.
  • templates. Like how I style slides/my CV/posters/etc? This might be of interest.